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Stone Circle Classes

As you sustain and strengthen your bonds as a virtual community, we hope you will enjoy this "virtual visit" and look back at your graduation year. 

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Reunion Celebration programming and connecting with your classmates. If you missed a virtual event session, please view our video library!

Also, please join the School’s new networking platform, Columbia LawLink, which is open to all graduates and is an opportunity to make connections throughout the Columbia Law community - and so much more!

In addition to finding classmates and colleagues in your region or legal sector, you can also sign up to mentor students. Current students will be invited to join in the fall and will be able to connect with alumni who offer to serve as mentors.

A Look Back 

Look Back Slide - Class of 1946
Look Back Slide - Class of 1951
Look Back Slide - Class of 1956

Reunion is a special time for graduates to support Columbia Law School together as a class. While our Reunion festivities may look a bit different this year, the work of Columbia Law School and its needs remain.

If you are in a position to make a Reunion gift, we hope you will do so in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Participation, in any form, makes all the difference to students, faculty, and the greater Columbia Law School community.

In remembrance of those we have lost, the Class Committee wishes to note with sadness the passing of our classmates below. Should you have news of a classmate's death, please contact [email protected].

Class of 1946
Gloria Agrin
Stephen S. Barone
Richard E. Bauman
Frederick Behr, Jr.
Everett R. Birch
Abraham E. Blasof
Abraham Blumberg
Edward P. Corwin
Ethel A. Davidson
Waldemar J. Dittmar
Duncan Elder
Maxwell Evarts
Herbert Feiler
David M. Feldman
Elaine F. Friedman
Benson R. Frost, Jr.
Robert E. Gill, Jr.
Allen Glass
Sylvia J. Gnesin
G. Zan Golden
Vivienne Grossman
William G. Guerri
Bernard A. Hellman
Arnold J. Hoffman
Aline Lee Kaplan
Edith F. Kaplan
John D. Kelly
Albert Krassner
Dorothy Gitnick Kutner
William T. Laube, Jr.
Paul J. Le Vine
Ruth G. Lehman
Sidney I. Liebowitz
David E. Mark
Robert Markewich
John R. McDonough
William M. Miles
Jack R. Miller
Arline R. Mooney
Hubert G. Moore, Jr.
Constance Baker Motley
Mary J. Mulé
John W. Newman
Marvin James Poole
Robert T. Quittmeyer
William S. Roach
Charles A. Scharf
Walter C. Schier
Gerhard E. Seidel
Raul Serrano-Geyls
Conrad Shadlen
Martin F. Shea
Norma E. Shorin
Alfred J. Skaf
Charlotte Smallwood-Cook
Alfred B. Stapleton
Barbara L. Steiner
Henry G. Tilden
W. Philip Van Kirk
Joyce M. Warshavsky

Class of 1951
Norman B. Asher
Charles Backer
Arno C. Becht
Oliver C. Biddle
Morton Birnbaum
Ernest Bonyhadi
David F. Brandley
Milton Brandon
Jesse H. Brenner
Lester M. Bridgeman
Edmund J. Brunswick
John H. Cassidy, Jr.
Arnold Y. Claman
Thad W. Clark
Albert J. Coakley, Jr.
Joseph Cohen
Morris L. Cohen
Myron Cohen
Robert E. Cohn
Charles C. Colt, Jr.
George E. Cone
Erwin L. Corwin
Justin W. D'Atri
Sam Daniels
Dickinson R. Debevoise
Walter E. Dillon, Jr.
Florence B. Ditz
Matthew J. Domber
Harold J. Edelson
Bertrand M. Fainberg
Ernest Fanwick
Franklin Feldman
Mark W. Frawley, Jr.
Eugene M. Friedman
Alfred E. Froh
William E. Fuller
Stanley Godofsky
Howard A. Goldberger
Harry Goldman, Jr.
Richard L. Goldman
Morton H. Gould
Loren W. Guy
Harry J. Hannon
William H. Hansen, Jr.
William D. Hardin
Samuel L. Hays
Huyler C. Held
Richard G. Hewitt
Frederick S. Hicks
Robert N. Hunziker
Charles L. Jaffin
Lindsey R. Jeanblanc
Austin B. Johnson, Jr.
David Johnson
Benjamin R. Kaplan
George C. Keely
Florynce R. Kennedy
Arthur L. Kimmelfield
Roger S. Kuhn
Max Kuperman
Richard G. D. Kyle-Keith
Charles S. Lazarus
Richard C. Ledford
James A. Levitan
David Levy
Wallace D. Macdonald
John D. MacPherson
Robert A. Magrath
Rubin H. Marcus
Harold Marsh, Jr.
Robert W. Martin
Charles E. McGuinness
Q. A. Shaw McKean, Jr.
James W. Misslbeck
Fred B. Morrison
Peter P. Mullen
C. Everett Myers
George A. Nicolau
William B. Norris
David B. Ortman
Courtney W. Perkins
Joseph J. Pettinato, Jr.
Edward E. Pigg
Mark Probst
Rudolph D. Raiford
Charles Rodgers
Marshall L. Rosenberg
Fred Rothfarb
Albert F. Rothwell
Bernard J. Sauerhaft
Frank F. Scheck
Stuart G. Schwartz
Raphael G. Scobey
Norman M. Segal
Sylvain Segal, Jr.
Kenneth M. Seggerman, Jr.
John Shannon
Paul D. Shapero
Robert P. Shaughnessy
Walter J. Shipman
Arthur J. Simpson, Jr.
Thomas C. Sloane
Walter D. Sohier
Lawrence M. Soifer
Laurence A. Spelman
John W. Spille
Joseph Stein
John M. Stuart
Boyd R. Thomas
H. Franklin Thompson
Roger Tilbury
Owen C. Torrey, Jr.
H. Richard Wachtel
Richard W. Walser
Mary Moers Wenig
Horst H. Werder
Robert R. Whelan
Sergeant W. Wise
Roger S. Woolley
Fabian S. Yelin
John M. Zucker
Burton H. Zuckerman

Class of 1956
Karl Asch
Alfred Avins
Albert X. Bader
Joseph A. Bambury, Jr.
Charles A. Barker
Wolfgang Baruch
Carroll S. Bayne, Jr.
Benson H. Begun
Margaret A. Berger
Alan J. Brockman
Francis J. Camargo
Alger B. Chapman
John S. Clark
Robert G. Clark
Edward G. Coleman
Leo B. Connelly
John R. Corbett
Frederic R. Coudert III
Robert E. Dalton
Ronald S. Daniels
Robert F. Danziger
Ray J. Davis
Neil M. Delman
David F. Dobbins
Bronson B. T. Eden
Theodore B. Epstein
Robert A. Falise
Robert G. Fine
David L. Fineberg
Susan Fonner
Morton Freilicher
Kerwin H. Fulton
Neil G. Galatz
Richard F. Gerry
Harry Gevertz
James H. Goodfriend
Joshua F. Greenberg
Nelson G. Gross
Edward E. Hale
Jerome R. Halperin
Seymour Hertz
Peter Herzog
George B. High
Philip K. Hills
Thomas J. Hubbard
Jay W. Jacobs
John Henry Jacobus
Arthur F. James
Louis C. James
Seymour Jasper
Keith E. Jergensen
Kenneth J. Jones
Arthur Kalish
Mohamad Mousa S. Kamawi
William E. Kelly
William E. Kerwin
Constantine T. Kisciras
Conrad N. Koch
Werner Koeppe
Jay Krivitzky
John F. Lambert
Sydney L. Lavender
Stephen M. Leon
Alan W. Lipsay
Myron I. Mandel
William B. Manheimer
Howard N. Mantel
Burton H. Marks
Thomas F. McBride
John L. Milling
John A. Mitchell
Robert H. Morris
Frederick Moss
Thomas W. Murphy
Richard A. Nachman
Daniel M. Newman
Philip R. O'Connell
William F. Olson
John A. Orr
Gerald E. Paley
Charles G. Peterson
Robert F. Phelps
Joseph F. Rarick
David C. Reynolds
Gerald A. Robbie
David Robinson, Jr.
Richard Roob
Stanley Roy Root
Robert A. Rose
Herbert L. Rosedale
Stanley I. Rubenfeld
William Rubin
Walter E. Rutherford
Will B. Sandler
Milton J. Schubin
Stephen H. Schulman
Jay W. Seeman
Daniel E. Sell
Michael A. Sherman
Ronald A. Sidelle
James K. Silberman
Stanley L. Sklar
M. Bruce Solomon
Allen M. Stack
David O. Stone
Stephen D. Strimpell
F. Richard Sussman
Walter S. Swirsky
Austin J. Tobin, Jr.
Gloria E. Toote
Louis A. Trapp, Jr.
Harold Traub
Charles L. Trowbridge
Robert B. Turk
Sheldon J. Turtletaub
Donald R. Waisel
Sterling L. Weaver
Bryan Webb
Stephen E. Weil
Arnold J. Weinberg
Edwin L. Weisl, Jr.
John S. Williamson, Jr.
Henry J. Wimmer
Edward Wolfe
Donald C. Young
Louis S. Zappulla
Warren E. Zittell

We have lost contact with the following classmatescan you help us reconnect?

If you are in touch with anyone on the list below, please let them know to send their contact information to the Reunion Office ([email protected].columbia.edu) so that they can receive Law School-related updates.

Class of 1951
Arthur Joel Katz
Malcolm C. Moore
Gustave J. Soderberg, Jr.

Class of 1956
Hans-Guenther K. Boening
Ernest H. Cox
Michael L. Goldstein
Celso L. Magsino
John J. McCarthy, Jr.
Adelita L. Quejado
Pham-Dang Sum

Inquires or questions regarding the Reunion Programming

Please contact the Reunion Office.