As you sustain and strengthen your bonds as a virtual community, we hope you will enjoy this "virtual visit" and look back at your graduation year.  

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Reunion Celebration programming and connecting with your classmates. If you missed a virtual event session, please view our video library!

Also, please join the School’s new networking platform, Columbia LawLink, which is open to all graduates and is an opportunity to make connections throughout the Columbia Law community - and so much more!

In addition to finding classmates and colleagues in your region or legal sector, you can also sign up to mentor students. Current students will be invited to join in the fall and will be able to connect with alumni who offer to serve as mentors.

Top 10 Billboard Hits

Reminisce Law School days with these top 10 Billboard hits from your graduation year! 

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A Look Back 

Look Back Slide - Class of 1976

We thank the Reunion Class Committee for their dedication and commitment to Columbia Law School.

Francis S. Blake
Peter Buscemi
Daniel G. Kelly, Jr.
John J. Kerr, Jr.

Jane E. Booth
Michael C. Dorf
James J. Jimmerson
Roger P. Joseph
Lenore R. Kreitman
Charles T. Lee
Fred T. Magaziner
Michael T. Medford
John F. Pritchard
Toni Robinson
R. Maria Vicien-Milburn, LL.M.

Reunion is a special time for graduates to support Columbia Law School together as a class. While our Reunion festivities may look a bit different this year, the work of Columbia Law School and its needs remain.

If you are in a position to make a Reunion gift, we hope you will do so in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Participation, in any form, makes all the difference to students, faculty, and the greater Columbia Law School community.

In remembrance of those we have lost, the Class Committee wishes to note with sadness the passing of our classmates below. Should you have news of a classmate's death, please contact [email protected].

Professor Abraham Abramovsky
Professor Larry E. Blount, LL.M.
The Hon. Warren E. Burger
Ms. Shirley Lewis Oakes Butler, LL.M.
Stephen G. Chaberski
The Hon. Howard W. H. Chan
Garrett J. Delehanty, Jr.
Lord Alfred Thompson Denning
Heyward Harrell Dotson
The Rt. Honorable Frederick C. H. Elwyn-Jones
Dr. Robert A. Fairbanks, LL.M.
Donald L. Gadsden
Professor M. David Gelfand
Kenneth S. Goldrich
Michael M. Gordon
Erskine D. Henderson
Professor Harold A. Horowitz
Joseph S. Ingber
Professor George R. Johnson, Jr.
Ellen R. Joseph    
The Hon. Edward H. Levi        
Edward R. Mackiewicz
John R. Moore
Kay C. Murray
Clyde Kirk Rhein, Jr.
Lawrence J. Tell
Richard Alan Unger
Elizabeth A. Weiner
Jane Paige Weld
D. Keith Whisenant    
Thomas E. Winslade    
Dr. George Winterton

We have lost contact with the following classmatescan you help us reconnect?

If you are in touch with anyone on the list below, please let them know to send their contact information to the Reunion Office ([email protected]) so that they can receive Law School-related updates.

Oliver W. Leigh
Mr. Ghislain M. Pastre, LL.M.
Jussara Frade Ribeiro, LL.M.
Ad C. Rijnen, LL.M.
Richard W. Rutherford, Esq., 1976 L

Inquires or questions regarding the Reunion Programming

Please contact the Reunion Office.