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50th Reunion

We look forward to welcoming you back for your 50th Reunion on June 9–10, 2023, to celebrate your anniversary milestone. Join us to reconnect with old friends, hear topical and scholarly discussions led by prominent faculty and classmates, and renew your common bonds as Columbia Law School alumni.

Digital Reunion Class Book

Your Digital Reunion Class Book is a more personal way to connect with your classmates and is viewable after creating your Profile Page. You can share personal and professional updates (and recount memories from your time in law school!); upload photos; browse classmates’ pages and catch up with those who have shared their contact information; and view a map highlighting the cities where your classmates reside.

Get Started
An invitation to add your Profile Page was sent to your preferred email address on file with Columbia Law School. After creating your Profile Page, you can then browse the book.

Kindly refer to this Information Sheet and brief Video Tutorial, which will assist you in navigating the Book. The Reunion Office, [email protected], is available to serve as a helpful resource to you at any point.

Digital Reunion Class Book Video Tutorial

Top 10 Billboard Hits

Reminisce about your Law School days with these top 10 Billboard hits from your graduation year! 

To listen to the full playlist, log in to  Spotify, a digital music service, by clicking the white icon in the top right corner of the embedded player. Then use your account credentials to log in, or create a new account. 

A Look Back 

Class of 1973 Look Back Slide, facts from your graduation year.

We thank the Reunion Class Committee for their dedication and commitment to Columbia Law School. If you'd like to get involved, please email [email protected].

Evelyn Langlieb Greer
Jonathan D. Schiller

Committee Members
Lawrence S. Blumberg
William P. Dickey
Robert L. Doory, Jr.
Richard M. Franklin
Bruce W. Greer
Bernard R. Hanotiau, LL.M.
Leo George Kailas
Roderick O. MacDonald
William B. Pollard III
Thomas R. Rippon
Marvin S. Rosen
Michael B. Thomas
Donald A. Tracy
Richard L. Wasserman

Lawrence S. Blumberg
Woodrow W. Campbell, Jr.
William P. Dickey
Robert L. Doory, Jr.
Richard M. Franklin
Sandra L. Grayson
Evelyn Langlieb Greer
Bruce W. Greer
Harold S. Handelsman
Bernard R. Hanotiau, LL.M.
James P. Jalil
Leo George Kailas
John M. Lewis
Roderick O. MacDonald
Douglas K. Mansfield
Robert P. Marshall, Jr.
Nathaniel C. Nichols
Michael Onischenko
William B. Pollard III
Salvatore A. Ranieri
Thomas R. Rippon
Marvin S. Rosen
Jonathan D. Schiller
David M. Shaw
Curtis S. Shaw
Michael B. Thomas
William J. Thomashower
Donald A. Tracy
Paul Vizcarrondo, Jr.
Richard L. Wasserman
Frederick L. Whitmer
Sanford H. Zatcoff

Reunion is a special time for graduates to support Columbia Law School together as a class. 

If you are in a position to make a Reunion gift, we hope you will do so in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Participation, in any form, makes all the difference to students, faculty, and the greater Columbia Law School community.

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Please join the School’s networking platform, Columbia LawLink, which is open to all graduates and is an opportunity to make connections throughout the Columbia Law community - and so much more! 

In addition to finding classmates and colleagues in your region or legal sector, you can also sign up to mentor students or alumni. 

We have lost contact with the following classmatescan you help us reconnect?

If you are in touch with anyone on the list below, please let them know to send their contact information to the Reunion Office ([email protected]) so that they can receive Law School-related updates.

Anne Adler
Kunio Aoki, LL.M.
Benjamin T. Collins, LL.M.
Michel Distel, LL.M.
Judith Claude Feher, LL.M.
Richard G. Mandel
John Donald Marshall
Govind Mishra, LL.M.
Peter Riha, LL.M.
Ichiro Shinmyo
Steven I. Shulman
Paul J. Van Wersch, LL.M.
Karel E. T. I. Vosskuhler, LL.M.
Hugh M. Wade, LL.M.

In remembrance of those we have lost, the Class Committee wishes to note with sadness the passing of our classmates below. Should you have news of a classmate's death, please contact [email protected].

Gary F. Amendola
Andrew I. Belsinger
Charles D. Bock
Martin J. Bressler
Denise Carty-Bennia
Steven A. Cooper
Thomas F. Dorian
Henry J. Friendly
Milton Gardner
Robert Joseph Goodman
Dean H. Goossen
Edward F. Graziano
John H. Harwood II
Franklin J. Havlicek
Michael Hawkins
Gustave Hebert, LL.M.
Larry R. Jackson
Ronald E. Jarrett
Rodney Johnson
Eugene M. Kotlarchuk
Darryl J. Kramer
Loren Gary Lavine
Peter R. Lessler
Mario E. Ligorio
Richard J. Lipson
Francis X. Markey
Joseph A. Materna
Dean R. May
Robert P. Murphy
Owen D. Nee, Jr.
Richard L. Parker
Thomas C. Parker
Darryl E. Pittman
Leon G. Radinsky, Jr.
Werner A. Rechsteiner, LL.M.
George B. Reese
William Ober Rizzo
Lance W. Rook
Randi Loftsgaarden Season
Granville Leo Stevens, Jr.
Theodore Tedeschi
C. Barry Wetherington
Wayne M. White
Cassell Wood

For inquiries or questions regarding the reunion programming, please contact the Reunion Office.

Columbia Law School - Reunion Office