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45th Reunion

We look forward to welcoming you back for your 45th Reunion on June 9–10, 2023, to celebrate your anniversary milestone. Join us to reconnect with old friends, hear topical and scholarly discussions led by prominent faculty and classmates, and renew your common bonds as Columbia Law School alumni.

Digital Reunion Class Book

Your Digital Reunion Class Book is a more personal way to connect with your classmates and is viewable after creating your Profile Page. You can share personal and professional updates (and recount memories from your time in law school!); upload photos; browse classmates’ pages and catch up with those who have shared their contact information; and view a map highlighting the cities where your classmates reside.

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An invitation to add your Profile Page was sent to your preferred email address on file with Columbia Law School. After creating your Profile Page, you can then browse the book.

Kindly refer to this Information Sheet and brief Video Tutorial, which will assist you in navigating the Book. The Reunion Office, [email protected], is available to serve as a helpful resource to you at any point.

Digital Reunion Class Book Video Tutorial

Top 10 Billboard Hits

Reminisce about your Law School days with these top 10 Billboard hits from your graduation year! 

To listen to the full playlist, log in to  Spotifya digital music service, by clicking the white icon in the top right corner of the embedded player. Then use your account credentials to log in, or create a new account. 


A Look Back 

Class of 1978 Look Back Slide, facts from your graduation year.

We thank the Reunion Class Committee for their dedication and commitment to Columbia Law School. If you'd like to get involved, please email [email protected]

Jeffrey B. Golden
Edward Soto
Thomas W. White

Committee Members
Roland W. Betts
Stephen P. Cunningham
John F. Duane
Timothy S. Fisher
David M. Frankel
Richard S. Lincer
John M. Simpson
Michael I. Zinder

Registration is now open! View the list of classmates who have officially registered for Reunion 2023.

Robin D. Alexander
Roland W. Betts
Roberto Casati
Stephen P. Cunningham
Sue Ellen Dodell
John F. Duane
Marti Anne Ellermann
Timothy S. Fisher
David M. Frankel
Jeffrey B. Golden
Carla L. Hand
James T. Kane
Sarah C. Lichtenstein
Richard S. Lincer
Richard W. Roberts
Thomas G. Rohback
Douglas C. Ross
John M. Simpson
Edward Soto
John W. Treece
Thomas W. White
Michael I. Zinder

Reunion is a special time for graduates to support Columbia Law School together as a class. 

If you are in a position to make a Reunion gift, we hope you will do so in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Participation, in any form, makes all the difference to students, faculty, and the greater Columbia Law School community.

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Please join the School’s networking platform, Columbia LawLink, which is open to all graduates and is an opportunity to make connections throughout the Columbia Law community - and so much more! 

In addition to finding classmates and colleagues in your region or legal sector, you can also sign up to mentor students or alumni. 

We have lost contact with the following classmatescan you help us reconnect?

If you are in touch with anyone on the list below, please let them know to send their contact information to the Reunion Office ([email protected]) so that they can receive Law School-related updates.

David M. Bostick
Janie H. Camm
Marguerite Deliege-Sequaris, LL.M.
Lewis S. Green
Elizabeth Greenspan
Chul-Ho Kim
Patrick Orgueil, LL.M.
Marie-Ange Raoul, LL.M.
Maria Ivon Tanzil, LL.M.
Deborah Reynolds Washington

In remembrance of those we have lost, the Class Committee wishes to note with sadness the passing of our classmates below. Should you have news of a classmate's death, please contact [email protected].

Thomas L. Abrams
Joc Glodine Boyd
Julia Vance Carter
Evonne J. Charboneau
Antonio Calado da Silva Claudio
Lauren W. Field
Rosalyn A. Hines
Theodore J. Krulwich
Michael A. Lamme, LL.M.
Ferdinand Charles Mauet
Mary D. Mix
Arnold A. Pietola
Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
Michael L. Shepherd
Walter M. Sobczyk, LL.M.
Steven D Spencer
Hector L. Torres-Clavell
Geraldine P. Waldorf
Brian Weiss
William B. Welles

For inquiries or questions regarding the reunion programming, please contact the Reunion Office.

Columbia Law School - Reunion Office