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Committee Dashboard

Visit your class page for a virtual visit back to campus! 


Welcome and thanks for your service to Columbia Law School’s Reunion 2020! On your class page, you'll find useful information on your fellow class year committee members and more.

Included on each page, you will find the following resources:

Classmate Selection List: 

If you have not selected classmates for your committee outreach this year, please use this list to select 10 to 15 classmates. Once you have made your selections, please submit the names to our office via email at [email protected] or fax at 212-854-7801.                 

Class Donor List:

These lists will include donors who have contributed to your class gift.

Committee Member Directory: 

The directory includes contact information for each member of your committee, so you can keep in touch.

Class Yearbook/Facebook: 

We’ve included a yearbook from your time at Columbia Law School. Connect names to faces and reminisce!