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2020/2021 Virtual Reunion

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Reunion Celebration. If you missed a virtual event session, please view our video library or the virtual reunion recap below.

Also, please join the School’s new networking platform, Columbia LawLink, which is open to all graduates and is an opportunity to make connections throughout the Columbia Law community - and so much more!

In addition to finding classmates and colleagues in your region or legal sector, you can also sign up to mentor students. Current students will be invited to join in the fall and will be able to connect with alumni who offer to serve as mentors.

If you have any questions, please contact the Reunion Office at [email protected].

Please visit the video library, if you missed a virtual event session. 

Please visit the virtual reunion recap to view the highlights from the virtual reunion and watch all videos from the event, including 25th and 50th Reunion classes milestone events.

Virtual Video Tour of Columbia Law School
Go on a virtual visit to Manhattan’s vibrant Morningside Heights neighborhood and explore Columbia Law School on the historic Columbia University campus.

Law in the Time of COVID-19 
This free e-book, published on April 20, 2020, features contributions by 18 Columbia Law scholars and delves into the legal issues around COVID-19—including elections, privacy, prisoners’ rights, bankruptcy, the environment, force majeure in contracts, and public health law.

"Law in the Time of COVID-19" features essays by legal scholars that offer insights for thinking about and tackling related emerging issues. Conceived of and spearheaded by Katharina Pistor, Edwin B. Parker Professor of Comparative Law and director of the Center on Global Legal Transformation, the book was produced in only a few weeks.  As Pistor explains in her introduction, the publication is meant to serve as a useful reference, not an academic treatise. “This volume was put together quickly; it is a response to what we perceived to be an urgent need for more legal information and analysis in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Beyond “Unprecedented”: The Post-Pandemic Economy
In Columbia Law School’s new podcast, hosted by Professor Eric Talley, hear from leading experts as they chart a course for economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic and suggest new ways of approaching law, policy, and governance.

Inquires or questions regarding the Reunion Programming

Please contact the Reunion Office.