Class of 1970 Committee

Welcome to the class of 1970 Reunion committee page! Thank you for volunteering your time and resources to help Columbia Law School.

If you have not already done so, please select classmates to contact using the unassigned classmate selection list and submit your list via email at [email protected], or fax at 212-854-7801.

Committee Member Directory

Sample Email for Outreach

Donor List


1970 Kent Commentaries

J.D. Student Directory

Class of 1970 50th Reunion

Reunion Committee List


Barry L. Goldstein, J.D.
Max Rees Shulman, J.D.

Committee Members

Richard T. Andrias, J.D.
Sydney F. Arak, J.D.
Robert E. Curry, Jr., J.D.
James H. De Meules, J.D.
John K. Dema, J.D.
Richard J. Holwell, J.D.
Richard Stone LeFrak, J.D.
Louis J. Maggiotto, Jr., J.D.
Fredric S. Newman, J.D.
George E. Pataki, J.D.
Bruce Eben Pindyck, J.D.
Marjorie M. Smith, J.D.

Once you’ve had a conversation with a classmate, please fill out this Volunteer Outreach Form, which will update the Reunion office about your outreach. You can also send in your hard copy volunteer outreach form to the Reunion office via email: [email protected], fax: 212-854-7801, or phone: 212-854-4283.