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Alumni Boards

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From the Columbia Law School Association and The Alumnae of Columbia Law School, which keep graduates, friends and supporters in touch with each other and the Law School, to the official advisory role of the Board of Visitors, several alumni organizations allow you to more formally align with the goals of Columbia Law School and its constituencies.

Women Serving Women
The Alumnae of Columbia Law School, founded in 1996 by a group of women graduates led by Laraine Rothenberg '71, has a distinguished organizing committee, with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg '59 serving as honorary chair and Kimberley Danzi Overs '96 currently serving as executive chair. Alumnae from diverse backgrounds and varied legal specialties all actively participate in the mission of the organization: to support and enhance the professional development of the women of Columbia Law School.

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It is the purpose and mission of the Columbia Law School Association (the “Association”):

to keep the graduates, friends and supporters of the Columbia Law School (the “Law School”) connected to the Law School and to one another; to inform the Law School community and the public at large of noteworthy developments at the Law School, including but not limited to the accomplishments of the students, faculty and alumni of the Law School; to provide a forum for direct communications between the members of the Association and the faculty and administration of the Law School; to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with the senior administration of the Law School in order, inter alia, to communicate the views and concerns of the graduates; to make recommendations to the Dean of the Law School regarding those graduates, friends and supporters of the Law School who are worthy of special recognition; and to encourage the continued financial and morale support for the Law School.

Association Board Nomination Form: Deadline: March 1, 2020

2019-2020 Board of Directors

President: Rudy Carmenaty ’90

First Vice President: G. Wade Leak ’89

Vice Presidents: Frank D. Aronson ’72 (Boston), Francisco J. Blavi ’15 LL.M. (Santiago, Chile), Adam J. Brunk ’13 (London, England), Iris S. Chen ’01 (San Francisco), Piero Corigliano ’04 LL.M. (Rome, Italy), Elise R. Holtzman ’90 (New Jersey), Walter T. Killmer Jr. ’86 (Los Angeles), Randall A. Mackey ’75 (Salt Lake City), Jessica A. Morton ’07 (Philadelphia), Andrea Lee Negroni ’82 (Washington, D.C.), LaRue L. Robinson ’09 (Chicago), Jason P. Wiesenfeld ’98 (Miami)

Secretary: Yen D. Chu ’97

Treasurer: Alanna C. Rutherford ’00

Advisers: Timothy J. Alvino ’81, Michael P. Beys ’99, Frances E. Bivens ’92, Barbara Klein Eisenberg ’70, Philip A. Lacovara ’66, Susan B. Lindenauer ’64, Laurie Magid ’85, Christian Moretti ’01 LL.M., John M. Olivieri ’94, The Hon. Felice K. Shea ’50, Nicholas R. Williams ’88

Directors: Steven M. Abramowitz ’90, Matthew L. Amsterdam ’13, Roderick L. Arz ’05, Lawrence Blumberg ’73, Marian L. Brancaccio ’92, Courtney Browne ’09, Wesley C. Dias ’78 (Washington, D.C.), Laurel S. Fensterstock ’12, Rodman K. Forter Jr. ’06 (Boston), David J. Friedman ’79, Michael Garrett ’69, Bruce H. Goldfarb ’90, Elizabeth R. Gonzalez-Sussman ’04, Nicholas A. Gravante Jr. ’85, Jeffrey S. Isaacs ’88, Dr. Patrice P. Jean ’02, Jason Jurgens ’99, Michael B. Kaplan ’98, Victoria J. Kehoe ’13 LL.M. (London), Barbara C. North ’77, The Hon. Kimberly E. Parker ’97 (San Francisco), Adam R. Pulver ’08 (Washington, D.C.), Ancris Muñoz Ramdhanie ’04, Bob A. Rivollier ’06 LL.M., Anne E. Robinson ’94 (Philadelphia) , Connie A. Rodriguez ’85, Abrielle H. Rosenthal ’99, Zoe E. Shea ’11, The Hon. Edgar G. Walker ’69, Seth B. Weinberg ’98, Philip R. Weingold ’85, Alice F. Yurke ’87