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Tuition and Fees


Find information about tuition, fees, estimated living costs, and additional charges, as well as budgeting tips.


The Columbia LL.M. is more than just a degree—it is a sound investment in your future, one that includes opportunities for tremendous intellectual growth and a lifetime connection to a world-class institution with a top-tier network of colleagues around the world. As with any substantial investment, you should begin preparations for financing your LL.M. degree as early as possible.

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Columbia Law School offers one of the largest financial aid programs for LL.M. students in the United States. We are committed to enrolling an intellectually talented, geographically broad, experienced, and diverse student body. We evaluate applications for admission separately from applications for financial assistance, meaning your ability to pay for the degree has no bearing on your admission decision.

While our financial aid program is robust, we award financial assistance primarily on the basis of financial need so that we may provide some form of assistance to as many students as possible. We therefore expect that applicants will share in the cost of the LL.M. Program and will actively seek other sources of funding for their studies throughout the application process.

Tuition and fees for 2019–2020

Tuition: $69,896
Student activity fee: $270
University facilities fee: $1,026
Health services fee: $1,168
Total tuition and mandatory fees: $72,360
Student health insurance: $3,433
Document fee (one-time fee for new Columbia University students): $105
Total university charges: $75,898

Books and supplies (only books required as part of the academic course(s) are included in this amount): $1,500
Total educational costs: $77,398

Estimated living costs for the nine-month academic year:
Room*: $14,238
Board: $5,709
Personal: $4,000
Total living costs: $23,947

Total academic year budget**: $101,345
*The estimated room expenses anticipate a budget for rent/utilities of $1,582/month for a single student.
**This is also known as the Standard Cost of Attendance (COA). 


International services fee: $100 per term; $200 per academic year. This fee supports the university’s services to international students (i.e., anyone who holds a nonresident student visa).

Administrative processing fee: $100. This one-time fee is for newly admitted international students to cover Columbia University’s visa supervision.

The living expenses quoted in the chart above allow for a moderate standard of living in the New York City area. Individual budgets may vary based on your own personal preferences and spending habits.

You should plan carefully to make sure your funds will be sufficient for the full academic year. If you need to finance your entire cost of education, keep in mind that you will be living on a fixed income and establish your spending priorities accordingly. 

While most grant and loan funds are divided equally and disbursed at the beginning of each term, they must cover educational expenses for several months. We suggest you prepay your major non-discretionary expenses for the term—such as tuition, fees, and rent—or set aside adequate funds in a separate account to cover these costs for the entire term.

Remember: You may encounter some expenses that are not covered by the standard cost of attendance, such as the purchase of a computer or unreimbursed costs for medical services that occur within the school’s academic year.

Mailing Address:
Financial Aid Office
Columbia Law School
435 West 116th Street, Box A-4
New York, NY 10027

The Financial Aid Office does not provide information about tuition waivers or any other form of scholarship aid for LL.M. Students. Please contact the Office of Graduate Legal Studies for information on scholarships. 
Updated June 14, 2019.


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