Cross-Registration for Law Students

To cross-register for a non-Law course at Columbia University, you must petition for it by completing one of the following forms which will open at 12 p.m. (EST) on September 4th: J.D. Cross-Registration Request Form, the LL.M. Cross-Registration Request Form or the Cross-Registration for Language Courses Request Form. Students wishing to take classes at another Columbia University School must submit their cross registration request form no later than Thursday, September 17 at 3 p.m.

  • Students must explain on the petition why the non-Law course is necessary to their legal career.
  • Only graduate-level courses are approved for degree credit, except for language courses.
  • Degree credit will not be awarded for conversational language courses, music performance classes, studio classes, and similar offerings.
  • A petition is required even if you are not requesting Law credit for the course.

Registration as an Auditor is not permitted for any course. Each student is responsible for any fees associated with non-Law classes.

There are limitations on the number of non-Law credits that can be applied toward the Law degree

  • 12 credits for J.D. students.
  •  6 credits for LL.M. students.


  • According to ABA Standard 310, each academic point earned for non-Law courses must represent at minimum a 50-minute classroom meeting each week throughout the term, as is similarly required of Law offerings.
  • Law School credit cannot exceed the number of scheduled class hours per week or the point value assigned by the offering faculty. (For example, a 3-point class that meets for two hours will be worth 2 law points; a 4-point class that meets for 5 hours will be worth 4 law points).
  • Approved must be evaluated by written examination or term paper.
  • Dance and Music courses will not be approved for point credit toward the degree. Students may register for these courses for zero (Ø) law points.
  • All courses taken outside the Law School, whether for law credit or not, must be graded on the A-B-C scale. Pass/Fail or other non-evaluative grades are not permitted.
  • Grades earned in other divisions of the University, as part of the NYU Exchange Program, or at other schools, will not be factored into Law School honors calculations.
  • Grades earned in other divisions of Columbia University will be reflected in LawNet and on the official Columbia University transcript, but grades earned for courses taken at any school outside Columbia will not.

If you decide to drop a non-Law class, you must notify Registration Services so that the course can be removed from your Law School records.

Priority for enrollment in language courses is given to undergraduate students and graduate students (School of International and Public Affairs and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) who need these courses to fulfill degree requirements.

If seats are available, Law students must complete the following procedures:

  1. Contact the language department.
  2. Follow their guidelines for applying and taking the placement test.
  3. Download the University’s Registration Adjustment Form.
  4. Bring a copy of the Registration Adjustment Form to the instructor to obtain approval.
  5. Upload the signed Registration Adjustment form along with the online Cross-Registration Request Form: Language Courses.

NOTE: LL.M. students cannot take language courses for Law School credit.

The SIPA Cross-Registration site lists courses that are open for registration to non-SIPA students. Additional courses will be added to their list of open courses throughout the change of program period (Add/Drop) beginning on September 8, 2020.


  • Note that some courses have pre-requisites.  
  • All other SIPA courses are closed to cross-registrants.
  • SIPA core courses are never available for cross-registration.

Instructions for applying for seats may be found on the Business School cross-registration website. Available courses will be posted on the Business School's cross-registration site on August 28, 2020 by 5 p.m. 

  1. Law School Priority Phase The Business School has reserved a limited number of guaranteed seats for Law School students.

    OPENS: August 31 at 1 am EST

    CLOSES: September 1 at 4 pm EST

    NOTIFICATIONS: September 1 at 5 pm EST                                                                                                                                                                             

  2. Regular Phase You may also apply to take Business School classes through the regular Business School cross-registration process.

    OPENS: September 3 at 10 am EST

    CLOSES: September 4 at 4 pm EST

    NOTIFICATIONS: September 4 at 5 pm EST 

To increase your chances of getting into the course you want, you should apply for both priority and regular phases. 

Detailed information about Business School classes, including the class schedule, may be found on the Business School Courses website.

Please note: Due to the change in semester start dates, cross-registration for NYU Law classes will be not be offered for fall 2020.