Bar Exam Disability Accommodation Information

If you plan to apply for accommodations on the bar exam and related tests, we advise that you acquaint yourself with the documentation you will need to provide, along with applicable deadlines, as early as possible. 

  • Previous testing documentation
  • Letters to educational institutions where you received accommodations
  • Transcripts from educational institutions where you received accommodations
  • Documentation related to previous accommodations you received for standardized tests
  • Score reports for previous standardized tests taken
  • Personal statement
  • Completed application forms

Note that documents may need to be notarized. Mr. Dean Lance at the Secretariat office is a notary public. Please email him at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

It is possible that you may also need to be retested in order to qualify for accommodations on the Bar exam you plan to take. If you are retested, you will need to provide your tester with guidelines from the state bar you will be taking.

Disability Services has a list of providers who have agreed to conduct testing for Columbia University student at reduced rates. Rates may change from those reflected on the list, so call or check the websites of the providers to get current rates.

Columbia University will reimburse $750 of testing costs. To qualify for the reimbursement, students must provide:

  • A letter from their health insurance company stating that the testing is not covered
  • An itemized bill from the tester along with the Healthcare Needs form

The Financial Aid Office can increase your borrowing limit above the Standard Cost of Attendance. To qualify for this increase, students must provide:

  • Proof of the cost of testing
  • A statement that the testing is necessary

If you are denied the accommodations you feel you need, Disability Services can assist you in preparing an appeal. Note that you may have a limited time period in which to file an appeal.