6.1 Rules Governing Admission to the Bar

Students should familiarize themselves with the rules governing admission to the bar in the states in which they intend to practice and should comply with the requirements of such states relating to age and preliminary education, and to law school courses and other legal training.
Students desiring to obtain the certificate of regular attendance issued by the School and accepted by the State Board of Law Examiners of New York as proof of a term’s study of law must complete their registration in the University no later than the last day of the change of program period in each term and must attend regularly the lectures and other exercises of the year.

For information concerning admission to the bar in the state of New York, applicants should address the State Board of Law Examiners, 7 Executive Center Drive, Albany, New York 12203. Those expecting to apply for admission to the bar in the state of New York are advised to keep a careful and detailed record of all employment, even the most temporary. It is highly advisable to secure from each employer, immediately on the termination of employment, an affidavit showing the length of employment, in what capacity the student was employed and a statement of the employer’s opinion of the student’s character.