2.1.1 Written examinations are held at the end of each term in all courses completed during that term. Rules and Policies 43 Rules and Policies In other second- or third-year courses extending through two terms, written examinations may be held at the end of the fall term at the option of the instructor, who will announce the decision to the class at an early date.

2.1.2 Every student, whether matriculated or non-matriculated, must be present for examination in all courses for which he or she is registered unless excused by the Dean. No student is eligible for an examination in a course for which he or she has not registered.

2.1.3 Tentative examination schedules are prepared early in the term but cannot be finalized until the middle of the term. All students should be prepared to sit for examinations at any point throughout the examination period. Under special circumstances, the Dean may permit the rescheduling of examinations but work, personal or travel arrangements should be made to accommodate the full examination period.

A student who has not been excused by the Dean and is absent from the examination in any course for which he or she is registered shall receive the grade of Failure in that course.

2.3.1 A student who has been excused from taking an examination in a course must take, as a make-up examination, the next examination given in that course. If the content of the course is changed before the next examination is given, the student will be required to study the changed content. If the content of the course is redistributed or omitted so that no examination is given which fairly covers the same general subject matter, the student may be required to take an additional course in lieu thereof.

2.3.2 A student who in the last two terms of residence before expected graduation misses the regular examination in a course for reasons beyond his or her control and without fault and who has no opportunity, prior to the scheduled date of graduation, to take a make-up examination as provided in Rule 2.3.1, shall be entitled to a special examination in the course. The Rules Committee shall administer this Rule and shall determine the student’s eligibility for, and the time and place of, the special examination.

2.3.3 No special examinations shall be given