S. Sports Law; A Dispute Resolution Perspective

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Administrative Law and Public Policy, Gender and Sexuality Legal Studies, Racial, Economic, and Social Justice, Lawyering, International and Comparative Law
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Hybrid Course, Experiential Credit

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Please note that: LLM Students cannot fulfill the LLM Writing Project with this class.

The business of sports is unique for many reasons, including the many legal representation opportunities for attorneys. Sport governing bodies which use the self-governance model favor dispute resolution -- mediation and arbitration -- over litigation for resolving non-commercial disputes. This experiential learning seminar is designed as an introduction to, and exploration of, the substantial scope and role of arbitration in the sports industry. Students will experience being an advocate representing a client or group of clients in sports arbitration processes throughout the semester. The final exercise is a mock arbitration hearing conducted by the students and observed by guest arbitrators. The classes, written assignments, oral presentations and simulated arbitration exercises will: (1) expose students to sports administrative rules and regulations; (2) require students to evaluate and apply substantive and procedural law; (3) cause students to engage in legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, and problem-solving; and (4) expose students to ethical and practical issues faced when an attorney is responsible for representing the best interests of a client or clients in circumstances where a win or a loss has real world consequences. Students may, depending on class size, have the opportunity to serve as arbitrators and experience being the decision-makers of a sports dispute. Through the assigned reading, research, writing, guest lectures, instruction and mock arbitration role play, students will learn the unique and important role that attorneys play on all sides of sports dispute resolution process, and will begin developing the critical skills lawyers require in this context.

The first half of students will be registered through the lottery and the second half will be selected from the waitlist by the instructor.

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Spring 2022
JGH 501
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  • Monday
6:20 - 8:10 pm
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Minor (automatic)

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The first half of students will be registered through the lottery and the second half will be selected from the waitlist by the instructor.