S. Structural Change in Public Education Policy and Social Change Lab

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Racial, Economic, and Social Justice, Administrative Law and Public Policy, Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility
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Experiential Credit, Online Course

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Start Date: May 24 End Date: August 9th CPRL Summer Program Description The Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) is a partnership of top professional schools that prepares a diverse pool of business, data sciences, education, law, and policy students from multiple professional schools with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to enable public school and other systems to learn and change in order to improve outcomes for all children—particularly those of color, from low-income households, or otherwise traditionally underserved. In the summer, CPRL student research and consulting projects serve school districts, education departments, non-profits, advocacy organizations, and foundations and aim to empower a broad network of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educators, leaders, and stakeholders with ideas, tools, and practices that support transformative change through accelerated learning from their own efforts and experience. Through their participation in CPRL, students have the opportunity to work with a cohort of talented and committed upper-level graduate students from Columbia, Dartmouth, Michigan, NYU, Penn, Princeton, Vanderbilt, University of California at Berkeley, Yale, and elsewhere. The summer program is comprised of the following component: A high-priority, professionally-guided research or consulting project on which an interdisciplinary team of graduate students provides research, design, strategic planning, and/or implementation support on matters that combine management, policy, governance, legal, regulatory, and/or technological issues crucial to the mission of the client organization—typically, a state department of education, school district, charter school organization, school-support or advocacy group, philanthropy, or other non-profit serving children. If you have any questions about the course or would like to be connected to current students or alumni, please send your request to [email protected] Application Process If you are interested in the course, please email your vita, unofficial transcript, and a cover letter explaining your interest in education policy and what skills, experiences, interests, and aspirations you bring to CPRL to [email protected] Decision Timelines After initial review of application materials, CPRL will interview applicants by invitation only. You will receive a decision no later than May 1st.

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Summer 2021
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