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Office of Graduate Legal Studies

The Office of Graduate Legal Studies administers the LL.M., J.S.D., and non-degree programs.

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Jill Casal, Director
Alison Sherwin, Associate Director
Marissa Zalk, Associate Director
Averi Israel, Communications Manager
Ben Churchill, Program Coordinator
Megan Heatherly, Senior Coordinator

Contact Information

Office of Graduate Legal Studies

1125 Amsterdam Avenue (corner of 115th Street), 6th Floor, Room 601

Department Services

We provide individual support to each LL.M. and J.S.D. student throughout every step of their Law School experience, from application to degree conferral, and we keep in close touch with our broad network of alumni. 

  • LL.M. Degree

    Challenge yourself. Broaden your perspective and your network. Rediscover the law and your future in the legal profession.

  • J.S.D. Degree

    Engage the resources of a world-class university to pursue a distinguished career in legal scholarship.

  • Academic Advising

    Successfully navigate all the challenges and opportunities you encounter at Columbia Law School with the help of our academic advisers.

Meet the Graduate Legal Studies Team



Jill Casal

Jill M. Casal

  • Director
Alison Sherwin

Alison Sherwin

  • Associate Director
Marissa Zalk

Marissa Zalk

  • Associate Director
Averi Israel

Averi Israel

  • Communications Manager
Megan Heatherly portrait

Megan Heatherly

  • Senior Coordinator
Ben Churchill

Ben Churchill

  • Program Coordinator

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