We are in the process of writing a guide for our new website. 

For training, new web feature requests, editing issues, analytics, and user triage, please email [email protected]

Log into the website using: https://www.law.columbia.edu/cas with your UNI. 

As a web editor you will only have access to edit and add content to the sections of the website you’re responsible for.

You can now navigate to the section of the website you are responsible for editing.

Once you are logged in, you will know that you are able to edit your content because there will be an edit button at the bottom of the screen when you are on your content pages.If you are on a page that you believe you need to be able to edit and you do not see a edit button please email your issue to: [email protected]

  • You will be assigned the role of content editor for your content. That means when you navigate to those pages in your groups, you'll see an edit button at the bottom right. 

  • When you're logged in you'll see an admin bar with Content where you can add new pages and add new media files. 

  • Each page has three content sections: Header, Content Top, and Content Bottom.

  • Header: this contains the optional hero banner image and the title and optional intro text. 

  • Content top: this is the bulk of a page and is structured with elements that appear in the same order across different pages on our site such as the body text, sidebar links, accordions, department call outs, etc. 

  • The body WYSIWYG has a lot of native features to add content, quotes, tables, faculty profile call outs, and buttons. 

  • Content Bottom: this has extra stuff you can decide to add to your page. Most of these are available to you but some require us to help you add new content so the module is populated. 

  • Anytime you are adding a link to other pieces of our website's content in the text or in different fields of the site, you can search for the item to link it. 

  • The sidebar of each page contains Menu Settings where you can edit the title a page and place it in the menu of the site. 

  • When you've made edits to a page you save it as a Draft. 

  • When you've made edits and you want us to publish the content, you save it as Needs Review. 

  • If there is a page you believe you need access to but don't see the edit button, please email us at [email protected] and we'll add that to your group.