The Law school new site features a new events calendar built on a system called Bedeworks, which is the same platform that powers the Columbia University Events Calendar, as well as the calendars on the Law School’s existing sites for centers and programs, student groups, and finance and administration offices.

Bedeworks will not only allow the Law School’s events to integrate with that University calendar, it will also feature robust event tagging and sorting, as well as event registration and e-commerce functionality.

We are moving to Bedeworks in a two phase process. 

To add events to the calendar: 

  • Phase 1: Beginning with the launch of the new website, all calendar editors should submit your events using this Google Form and the Communications team will add them to the new Bedeworks calendar. 
  • Phase 2: Later this spring and into the summer, we will be provisioning access to departmental calendars and training editors to submit events directly into the Bedeworks platform.

Please contact [email protected] with any issues.