Dear Alumni and Friends,

  • As 2018 draws to a close, I continue to be awed by the incredible generosity of our community of alumni and friends. In the latest fiscal year, we raised more than $48 million in new gifts and pledges — breaking last year’s record fundraising total of $42 million. This achievement was bolstered by another record year of giving to our Annual Fund, which totaled over $7.5 million. Just over a year into the public phase of The Campaign for Columbia Law, we have reached the halfway mark toward our ambitious goal of raising $300 million over five years. 

    This year’s Reunion Weekend, which was held in early June, also exceeded our expectations. Over 1,300 alumni and guests, from more than 30 countries, celebrated the anniversary of their graduation and raised more than $12 million for the Law School in the process. The Class of 1983 donated $5.1 million — the most raised by any reunion class in the history of Columbia Law School. 

    Because of your support, Columbia Law School continues to thrive and to build upon our traditions of innovation and excellence. 

    Because of your support, our curriculum remains rigorous and cutting-edge. Just this past fall semester, faculty introduced 23 new courses to engage students in up-to-the-minute legal, moral, and philosophical issues. 

    Because of your support, we were able to hire five new faculty members this year, the largest cohort of new colleagues in more than a decade, with expertise ranging from economics and social science data analysis to legal history, from constitutional theory to criminal law, from environmental law to community justice. The successful recruitment of these sought-after scholar-teachers secures our intellectual leadership well into the future. 

  • Because of your support, we can provide more students with more financial aid to ensure our student body is both talented and diverse. Today, more than 64 percent of our entering J.D. students receive scholarships, up from 49 percent in 2015. And since 2015, we have increased the median financial aid award by 47 percent. 

    Because of your support, we can prepare our students for successful careers that span sectors, industries, and continents — from Big Law to tech start-ups to myriad paths in public service. In both doctrinal courses and experiential offerings such as clinics, simulations, and externships, students can explore the many forms that a legal practice can take. With the 2018 fall semester, we have added four new clinics offering our students hands-on, real world experience in social entrepreneurship, community advocacy, securities arbitration, and health justice. 

    The support of our alumni and friends makes possible all of this and more. 

    Thank you for your generous commitment to Columbia Law School. I look forward to our ongoing partnership. 

    Best regards, 

  • Gillian Lester
    Dean and the Lucy G. Moses Professor of Law

Fall 2018 Entering Class


Your Funds Fueling Excellence

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends,
Columbia Law School can boast about the following:

Financial Overview

Our annual budget is carefully managed and, thanks to your support, Columbia Law School thrives.

“I felt inspired by the professors. They were really generous with their time, which is one of the reasons I love Columbia.”


“Every day I see students working alongside their faculty mentors, making an impact on issues they care about, and seeking out new ideas and new challenges. It’s a joy and a privilege to teach—and to learn from—such talented students.”




“Clinics allow students to combine the role of being a counselor for individual clients with being an advocate for systemic policy change. That’s exciting.”


“You need a faculty that values what’s going on in the real world and is interested in building places of reflection about the law. Columbia excels in making the connection between classroom and practice.”


“Columbia Law is an elite law school in the legal capital of the world. It sets you up to do anything you want,anywhere.”


“I always knew that my LL.M. year was going to be the most memorable of my life, but little did I know about the gift of diversity that this experience would give me. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to meet wonderful people along the way.”


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