Dear Alumni and Friends,

  • I am proud to share with you an overview of Columbia Law School’s fundraising for fiscal year 2017.

    This fiscal year was a year of records—we raised $42 million in new cash and pledges—the best fundraising result in the Law School’s history. This includes $6.6 million in gifts to the Annual Fund, yet another milestone. We had the largest-ever number of donations as well, totaling 5,594. Finally, we closed the fiscal year with a hugely successful Reunion Weekend that drew 1,350 alumni and friends from across the globe, our highest reunion attendance ever.

    It is because of your support that the Law School continues to thrive. Your generosity enables Columbia Law School to carry out its mission to produce influential scholarship that tackles society’s most pressing problems and provide a rigorous legal education that inspires the next generation of thoughtful and engaged legal professionals.

    Because of your support, we are able to recruit and retain distinguished new faculty and develop world-class programming that convenes leaders across all sectors.

    Because of your support, we are able to award scholarships to the most talented students across the globe, many of whom would not be able to attend Columbia Law School without financial assistance.

  • Because of your support, we are able to provide top-notch clinical training to our students while also giving back to the community through the legal assistance our clinics provide.

    And because of your support, we are able to enhance the curriculum with innovative coursework that prepares students for today’s dynamic and global legal practice environment.

    This fall we launched the $300 million Campaign for Columbia Law, and we enter into this effort with tremendous momentum. As dean, I have been fortunate to witness the profound difference your generosity makes in the lives of our students and in the communities they serve through their work. Thank you for your partnership and commitment to making Columbia Law School even stronger. I look forward to our ongoing work together.

    Best regards,

  • Gillian Lester
    Dean and the Lucy G. Moses
    Professor of Law

Fall 2017 Entering Class


Your Funds Fueling Excellence

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends,
Columbia Law School can boast about the following:

Financial Overview

Our annual budget is carefully managed and, thanks to your support, Columbia Law School thrives.

“The students are really interesting—smart and articulate. They are not shy, but they are not overbearing. They want to understand the law in connection with how it works in real life.”

“My amazing and accomplished classmates have had unique experiences and challenge me to expand my perspective while appreciating the power of diversity in thought.”

“Columbia Law School provided us with spaces to unmask our fears, to discuss and neutralize our biases and prejudices, and to be sensitive to what it is like to be on the opposite side of the fence on any given issue without losing our own convictions and principles.”

“What surprises me about Columbia Law is the amazing student-faculty relationships, and the supportive alumni, firms, and organizations that contribute to campus events and lunch seminars.”

“There are lots of wrongs being done in the world. I’ve been encouraged by the people here who are pointing them out and want to right them.”

“Columbia excels in making the connection between the classroom and practice. We can do that because we’re in New York, and Columbia has a long-standing role as a leader in this city.”

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