Columbia Law School

Reunion 2012
June 8–9, 2012


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The brain is automatic but people are free. No matter what we have discovered, no matter what we will discover, there is no threat to the concept of personal responsibility.

Professor Michael Gazzaniga, Stone Circle speaker
You and your colleagues did a fabulous job for class of ’72! The cocktails and dinner at Low Library were perfect. Thanks so much!

Jane Parver ’72
I got in touch with various classmates after the Reunion and everybody told me that they had an excellent time.

P. Eugenio Aramburu '97 LL.M.
We live in a world of instantaneous news, of Twitter, of cable news that, in my opinion, isn't really news. It's not unbiased. And the politicization of almost everything doesn't just affect litigation and the courts. Unfortunately, it affects our entire national life.

Roberta Kaplan '91, panel speaker
We now have 14 different course offerings on national security-related topics, and students love these classes. The world changes, and you want to add areas of expertise that are crucially important.
Dean David M. Schizer