Columbia Law School

Reunion 2009
June 19—20, 2009

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I’m continually impressed not only by what Columbia Law School alumni have achieved since graduating, but also by their commitment to staying involved and giving back to the School.

Dean David M. Schizer
My favorite event was the all-class party on Friday evening. Good to see classmates but also to get a chance to talk to members of the larger law school community.

James Weinberger '99
It is hard for me to explain how much our 50th reunion meant to me. The weekend was wonderful, warm and welcoming. We are all "survivors" of one sort or another, and have had so many experiences -- both good and not so good -- that we could not possibly have envisioned all those many years ago. And through it all, we remain colleagues and friends bonded together in our memories of the law school and Kent Hall.

Nina Appel '59
Reunions serve as a catalyst for reflection and, in particular, for assessing the benefits gained from the experience; As we know, acknowledging in indebtness to an institution, without an ongoing connection is less likely

Alan L. Bain '64
[The most memorable moment was] seeing everyone after 10 years and realizing that people had not really changed - except become more handsome and intelligent, of course!

Tommi Juusela '99
I have always felt it was important to keep in touch with people who have shared part of my life journey. There are only a few who share that particular experience and you lose contact. It's not because you don't care how they are doing, but because life gets in the way. Even with the rise of social media, gettting together as a group in this organized fashion is important. I also think this economy forces people to use all of their networks for potential contacts, reconnecting over reunion makes this less akward...I also saw classmates I hadn't seen since graduation. That was a real treat.

Vicky L. Beasley '99