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A New Portrait of Former SEC Commissioner Harvey Goldschmid '65

A revered professor, alumnus and former SEC commissioner is remembered.

Examining the Legacy of the Financial Crisis

A decade later, risk-taking is on the rise and potential for breakdown remains, say Professors John C. Coffee Jr. and Kathryn Judge.

Seminar Explores the Theory and Practice of American Governance

Students gain hands-on experience in battles over the powers of states and cities, led by Professors Gillian Metzger, Olatunde Johnson, and Jessica Bulman-Pozen

Faculty in the News

Columbia Law School Clip Report, November 16–30, 2017

Michael Sovern ’55 Honored by the National Institute of Social Sciences

Columbia University President Emeritus Michael Sovern wins award for his educational leadership.

Leadership Training Initiative Launches

Cross-disciplinary program funded by law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP to include curriculum and case studies that prepare students to lead.

Millstein Center Releases Report on Corporate Boards’ Powers

A new report by the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance finds that boards of directors have the power to resist “short-termism.”

Columbia Law School Students Big Winners in Investment Challenge

Arthur Holland ’18, Brandon Nesfield ’18, and Luke Martin ’20 win $20,000 for Law School in TD Ameritrade contest.

The Reality of Presidential War Powers

At the New-York Historical Society, Professors Philip Bobbitt and Matthew Waxman discuss the president's authority to order a nuclear strike.

Tim Wu in the Center of the Net Neutrality Debate

A rollback of net neutrality rules won’t withstand judicial review, predicts Tim Wu, the professor who coined the term that defines the open internet.