July 2013

  Dean David M. Schizer Begins Final Year at the Helm of Columbia Law School   
  Columbia Law School Professors Analyze U.S. Supreme Court Marriage Decisions   
  Criminal Justice and the Juvenile Brain   
Psychologists and criminal defense attorneys have long argued that the adolescent brain is different from the brain of a child or an adult. The only problem? They couldn’t prove it. Now, with the help of advances in technology, a team of experts—including Columbia Law School Professor Elizabeth S. Scott—has set out to answer questions about how adolescent brain functioning differs from that of adults and how such differences may affect behavior and decision making. What they learn may have huge implications for the way the legal system determines adolescent culpability and punishment.
  Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts Co-Hosts Event on Copyright Act   
Just before breaking into a rendition of the 1990s hit song "Two Princes" at an event co-sponsored by the Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts in Columbia Law School's Drapkin Lounge, Chris Barron, the lead singer of the alternative rock band Spin Doctors, offered his views on piracy.
  Professor Thomas W. Merrill Testifies Before House Subcommittee on Dodd-Frank Act   
Professor Thomas W. Merrill testified before the House Financial Services Committee's Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee at a July 9 hearing on constitutional deficiencies and legal uncertainties in the Dodd-Frank Act.
  Columbia Law School's Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts Honored for Pro Bono Work   
Columbia Law School's Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts was honored by Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) earlier this summer for more than three decades of pro bono work with the nonprofit's artist and arts organization clients.
  Millstein Center Hosts Wide-Ranging Discussion of Global Markets in Forum at Columbia Law School   
The Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership recently hosted the 8th annual Millstein Governance Forum at its new home, Columbia Law School, bringing together more than 200 prominent academics and practitioners in the fields of investment, business, and law for a dynamic two-day exploration of the state of corporate governance.