International Chamber of Commerce Appoints Prof. George Bermann Member of Governing Board

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New York, January 15, 2013—Columbia Law School Professor George A. Bermann ’75 LL.M., the Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law, Walter Gellhorn Professor of Law, has been appointed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as one of five outside members of the newly established "Governing Board" of the ICC Court of International Arbitration.  

The ICC Court of International arbitration is the world's most active international arbitral institution. ICC arbitrations may be conducted in any locale upon which the parties agree, but all ICC awards are issued by the ICC Court of International Arbitration in Paris, where the International Chamber of Commerce itself is headquartered.
In this new role, Bermann—a world-renowned expert in international and comparative law, as well as European Union law and the law of international arbitration—will advise the ICC and the Court on all matters concerning the organization and functioning of the Court of International Arbitration. He and the other members of the Governing Board will work to ensure the continuing preeminence of the ICC as an international arbitral institution.  
The Governing Board has set out to design the participation of the EU in international arbitration; with the latest amendments to the treaties establishing the EU, the EU has taken over exclusive jurisdiction from its member states over foreign investment law and arbitration.
Bermann is director of the Law School's new Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration (CICIA), which was established to further the teaching and study of international arbitration.

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