May 2011

  Threatened Island Nations Conference Ends on Notes of Cautious Optimism, Resolve   
A Columbia Law School conference devoted to the legal options for low-lying island nations threatened by climate change concluded on notes of optimism and resolve that may not have been expected when the event began.
  Marshall Islands Leader Calls for U.N. to Help Threatened Island Nations   
The president of the Republic of the Marshall Islands called Ton the U.N. Secretary General to appoint a special representative to address the threats climate change pose to low-lying island nations. Jurelang Zedkaia said the issue was one of security as well as survival. He was the keynote speaker at a Columbia Law School conference devoted to the legal options and implications for island nations whose existence is imperiled by the effects of climate change.
  Migration and Resettlement a Thorny Issue for Nations Whose Future is Threatened by Rising Seas   
If rising seas caused by climate change swallow up a low-lying island nation, the question of where its citizens would go next is a question with no easy answers.
  Columbia Law School Expert Lauds Supreme Court Decision on California Prison Overcrowding   
Professor Brett Dignam, director of the Challenging the Consequences of Mass Incarceration Clinic at Columbia Law School, offered this reaction to Monday’s Supreme Court decision that ordered California to reduce prison overcrowding by more than 30,000 inmates.
  For Island Nations Threatened by Climate Change, Conference Outlines Their Legal Remedies   
The impact of climate change on sea levels has left many low-lying island nations facing a battle for survival. And judging by the discussions Monday at a Columbia Law School conference, those nations are ready to fight.
  Spirit of Sacrifice Must Accompany Success in the Law, Dean David M. Schizer Tells Graduates   
As the Class of 2011 leaves Columbia Law School ready to become “stewards of the future,” Dean David M. Schizer reminded students that their achievements in the legal world must be accompanied by the spirit of sacrifice.
  Columbia Law School to Hold 150th Graduation Ceremony on May 16, 2011   
George W. Madison ’80, general counsel of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, will deliver the keynote address at Columbia Law School’s graduation, May 16, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the South Lawn of Columbia University.
  Supreme Court to Tackle Foreign Policy Dispute in Case to be Argued by Law School Lecturer-in-Law   
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case to be argued by Columbia Law School Lecturer-in-Law Nathan Lewin that will test the president’s foreign policy powers and the jurisdiction of federal courts.
  Columbia Law School Conference to Address Legal Options for Island Nations Threatened by Rising Seas   
Rising sea levels caused by climate change imperil the future of many small, low-lying island nations, which could be at risk of one day disappearing into the ocean. The legal implications for those nations will, for the first time, be examined at an international academic conference at Columbia Law School from May 23-25, sponsored by the Law School’s Center for Climate Change and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
  Trevor Morrison '98 Chosen as Teacher of the Year   
Trevor Morrison, Professor of Law and co-director of the Roger Hertog Program on Law and National Security, is this year’s winner of the Willis L.M. Reese Prize for Excellence in Teaching, an annual acknowledgment by the graduating classes for gifted teaching. Students chose Morrison after a vote involving both J.D. and LL.M. candidates. He will speak at the Law School’s graduation ceremony May 16.
  Breaking the Resource Curse: Vale Center Works with Timor-Leste to Use Its Oil Wealth Responsibly   
It is known as the resource curse, a paradox where countries rich in oil, gas, and extractive minerals are unable to translate such wealth into sustainable development, and instead are roiled by poverty, poor health, and rampant corruption. The country of Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor, has an abundance of oil and gas, as well as an opportunity to put in place mechanisms to spend the revenue that flows from it responsibly. Toward that end, it has enlisted the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment (VCC) at Columbia Law School to help ensure its resources lift up the nation and create a vibrant, diversified economy based on the well-being of its people before the resources run out.
  Bankruptcy Filings Nationwide Continue Downward Trend, Analysis by Professor Ronald Mann Shows   
Bankruptcy filings nationwide dropped 7 percent in April, continuing a downward trend that began at the start of the year, according to an analysis by Columbia Law School Professor Ronald Mann.
  Anthony Cheng ’11 Wins Top Prize in IP Law Writing Competition   
Anthony Cheng ’11 won first place in this year’s William C. Conner Intellectual Property Law Writing Competition awarded by the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA). The Board of the NYIPLA gave Cheng’s note, entitled “Lex Luthor Wins: How the Termination Right Threatens to Tear the Man of Steel in Two,” the top prize for its “stellar analysis, writing style, and pertinence.”