July 2011

  Bioethics Mediation: a Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions   
Every day, wrenching decisions about patient care are made in hospitals by medical staff and families. How those decisions are made is often critical. As a book co-authored by Columbia Law School Professor Carol Liebman reveals, using a mediation process allows families and the medical team to work together, sharing the burden of end of life decision making.
  Reproductive Health and Human Rights Fellowship Awarded to Erez Aloni   
Erez Aloni is the newest recipient of the Center for Reproductive Rights-Columbia Law School Fellowship, a full-time academic position designed to prepare recent law school graduates for legal academic careers in reproductive health and human rights.
  Chinese Judges Get an American Education at Columbia Law School   
  Professor Michael Graetz Testifies on Role VAT Tax Can Play in Tax Reform   
Michael J. Graetz, Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Columbia Alumni Professor of Tax Law, testified today before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Tax Reform and Consumption-Based Tax Systems.
  When It Comes to Antitrust, Settlement is Not Always a Good Idea, Warns Professor C. Scott Hemphill   
The vast majority of civil litigation is settled before trial. Staying out of the courtroom is generally celebrated as a way to save money and time, achieve a reasonable compromise, and avoid the risk of an adverse jury award.
  Bankruptcy Filings Up in June, but Columbia Law School Expert Says Trends Remain Favorable   
Personal bankruptcy filing rates plunged 8 percent nationwide in the first half of the year, with only two states reporting higher numbers for 2011, according to an analysis by Columbia Law School Professor Ronald Mann.