August 2010

  Summer Interview Program Reveals Increase in Job Opportunities for Students   
The number of firms registered to interview Columbia Law School students for summer associate positions has jumped 17 percent compared to last year, said Petal Modeste, the Law School’s dean for Career Services and Professional Development.
  Clyde Murphy '75, Noted Civil Rights Lawyer, Dead at 62   
Clyde Murphy ’75, for many years a well-respected civil rights lawyer, died Tuesday in Chicago after suffering a pulmonary embolism. He was 62.
  Law School Conference Will Seek to Throw Legal Lifeline to “Drowning” Island Nations   
Rising sea levels due to climate change may literally wipe some island nations off the map. There are myriad legal issues surrounding these so-called drowning nations—many of them in the Pacific and Indian oceans—that are slated to be addressed for the first time in a conference at Columbia Law School.
  Center on Global Legal Transformation Established at Columbia Law School   
Columbia Law School has created the Center on Global Legal Transformation, which will examine the impact of new forms of governance in the wake of globalization. The center will be led by Katharina Pistor, the Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law, an internationally recognized expert on comparative law and governance.
  The Contradictions of Juvenile Crime and Punishment are Examined by Professor Jeffrey Fagan   
Putting juvenile criminals in prison may make politicians and the police look good, but the get-tough approach is still trumped by a juvenile justice system and philosophy that recognizes the need to treat young offenders differently, according to an article by Columbia Law School Professor Jeffrey Fagan.
  Roma Deportation in France Condemned by Top U.S. Civil Rights Experts   
Columbia Law School Professor Theodore Shaw, the former executive director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, condemned Thursday the deportation by France of hundreds of Roma, the so-called gypsies.