July 2009

  Awards and Honors: Columbia Law Students Recognized for Outstanding Academic Achievement   
Columbia Law School is pleased to announce the awarding of prizes to continuing students for their excellent achievements during the 2008-2009 academic year.
  Professor Briffault: N.Y. Governor Has Power to Appoint Lieutenant   
The controversial decision by Gov. David Paterson to appoint a lieutenant governor and help end the gridlock in the state Senate is allowed under New York’s constitution, said Columbia Law School Professor Richard Briffault, one of the nation’s top state government experts.
  Professor Coffee Participates in Roundtable on Financial Market Regulations   
John Coffee, Adolf A.Berle Professor of Law, was recently a member of a roundtable gathered to discuss the causes of the current financial market crisis and how to hold firms accountable for the risks they take.
  Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor Co-Taught Federal Appellate Externship   
Judge Given Rave Reviews by Columbia Law School Students
  Nearly 1,200 Law Professors Unite to Back Sotomayor Nomination to Supreme Court   
Daniel Richman, professor of law at Columbia Law School, announced that 1,181 law professors from across the country have signed a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee in uncharacteristically unified support of the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  Classrooms May Be Mostly Empty, but Columbia Law School is Anything But Quiet over the Summer   
No doubt, the energy is a bit more subdued at Columbia Law School during the summer. There isn’t a scrum for a seat in the lobby of Jerome L. Greene Hall. You can claim a desk at Arthur W. Diamond Library and pretty much call it your own. But quiet? Not here.
  Worlds of Law and Art Come Together at Event Sponsored by Richard Blumenthal '63   
Richard Blumenthal ’63 sponsored an event June 30 at the New York Academy of Art in conjunction with its Summer Exhibition. Columbia Law School alumni – from 1950’s graduates to admitted students -- were on hand to view the 123 works from alumni and students at the Academy.
  'Cash-for-Clunkers' Program Better for Car Makers than the Environment, Says Professor Gerrard   
Professor Gerrard's article describes how the new program will work and assesses how well the program, as enacted by Congress, meets its stated objectives.
  Sotomayor Wise But Tough Mentor to Students, Dean Chapnick Says   
Before they became friends, Ellen Chapnick and Judge Sonia Sotomayor were collaborators.
  Cash-for-Clunkers Program a Missed Opportunity to Reduce Greenhouse Gases   
The cash-for-clunkers program may have given a needed boost to car sales, but it wasted a chance to also reduce greenhouse gases and fuel consumption, according to the director of the Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School.
  Professor Jack Greenberg Speaks on Gates Controversy   
  Jose W. Fernandez '80 Nominated by President Obama to be Assistant Secretary of State   
Fernandez, currently a partner at Latham & Watkins, will oversee efforts for economic, energy and business affairs
  William Kenneth Jones, Class of 1954 and Longtime Law School Professor, Dies at 78   
William Kenneth Jones, who served on the faculty at Columbia Law School for 42 years, died July 28 after suffering a heart attack. He was 78.
  Columbia Law School Magazine Receives Publication Honors   
  Rekosh Receives Human Rights Award from ABA   
  NY Family Law Experts Urge Review of Custody and Visitation Conflict   
Dozens of family law professors from every law school in New York today joined a brief filed by the Columbia Law School Sexuality & Gender Law Clinic urging the New York Court of Appeals to grant review in a co-parent custody and visitation case.
  Nancy F. Wechsler, One of First Women Admitted to Columbia Law School, Dies at 93   
Wechsler, who died July 27, was a champion of civil liberties and a prominent copyright lawyer for seven decades.