February 2009

  Professors Coffee and Fox Moderate Panels of Experts Convened to Examine Economic Crisis   
  Columbia Law School's State Attorneys General Program Hosts Conference on Fraud and Non-profits   
Former, current and staffs of the offices of attorneys general from over 40 states convened January 22-24 at Columbia Law School.
  Judicial Clerkship Program Kicks Off   
  Exploring the Future of Financial Regulation   
Columbia Law School and the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy will host a program to examine ways out of the economic crisis. With Professors Coffee and Fox.
  Professor John Coffee Presents Innovative Way of Examining Caselaw   
  Social Science and the Law   
  Columbia Law School Alumnus Eric Holder Is Next Attorney General   
The U.S. Senate today confirmed Columbia Law School alumnus Eric H. Holder Jr. '76 as U.S. attorney general
  Columbia Law School Alumnus Jeh Johnson '82 Confirmed to Pentagon Post   
The U.S. Senate today confirmed Columbia Law School graduate Jeh C. Johnson '82 as General Counsel of the Department of Defense.
  China's Courts in Transition   
  Greensboro, North Carolina Confronts its Racist Past   
  Michael Gerrard Leads New Center for Climate Change Law   
  Columbia Law School Students Advance in Premier Moot Court Competitions   
  Prof. Ed Morrison, Mortgage Expert: Will Geithner's Housing Proposal Succeed?   
As the nation waits for Treasury Secretary Geithner to address the housing crisis on Wednesday, February 18, Columbia Law School Professor and economist Ed Morrison has strong views on what Geithner's plan should contain.
  Gender and Sexuality Law Program Honors Influential Scholarship of Martha Nussbaum   
  Professor Nate Persily Files Amicus Brief for Voting Rights Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court   
Professor Nate Persily has presented data to the Supreme Court on the 2008 presidential election, as it considers the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. He filed an amicus brief in the landmark voting rights case Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District No. 1 v. Holder today.
  Columbia Law School Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) Auction 2009 Preview   
  Law Professors Offer Expert Analysis of California Supreme Court Marriage Case   
Gender and sexuality law experts Suzanne Goldberg and Katherine Franke are available to comment on case challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8.
  Takesaki on Japanese Supreme Court   
  Human Rights Institute Launches Group to Oppose Terror Courts and Preventive Detention   
The Detention Without Trial Working Group will counter supporters of specialized terror courts and long-term preventive detention of terrorism suspects. It also hopes to influence the administration of President Obama, in its decisions about future treatment of terror detainees.
  Medal For Excellence Awarded   
  Columbia Law School Professor Tim Wu Named New America Fellow   
Wu, an expert in communications policy and the media industries, named by the New America Foundation a Bernard L. Schwartz Fellow, one of 20 current fellows chosen for their potential to influence public thought.