August 2008

  Book By Milhaupt, Pistor on Role of Law In Successful Economies   
Columbia Law School Professors Curtis J. Milhaupt and Katharina Pistor, in a new book, seek to unsettle the prevailing assumption that a U.S.-style “rule of law” is vital to a successful economy.
  Mann's Research on Credit Card Debt Cited in Times Editorial   
Professor Ronald Mann’s research on credit card debt was cited in a lead editorial in the New York Times about abusive credit card practices.
  Dean Schizer Welcomes Class of 2011   
Columbia Law School Dean David M. Schizer delivered a welcome address to the Class of 2011 this month in which he said the group was “destined to occupy positions of leadership, in every sector, all over the world.”
  ABC News's Sciutto to Discuss New Book Sept. 10   
Columbia Journalism School and Columbia Law School’s Center for Law and Politics present a conversation with Jim Sciutto, the London-based senior foreign correspondent of ABC News about his new book, Against Us: The New Face of America's Enemies in the Muslim World.
  Scott Named to William and Mary's Governing Board   
Columbia Law School professor Robert E. Scott has been appointed to the College of William and Mary’s Board of Visitors by Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine. Board members serve four-year terms.
  Columbia At The ABA Annual Meeting   
U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a former Columbia Law School Lecturer-In-Law, will speak at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association which convened today in New York City. In addition, Law School graduate Mary Jo White will be honored during the meeting.
  Students Attend 2008 Democratic National Convention   
When Columbia Law School opens for its first official day of classes on September 2, four of its students will be fresh from witnessing a landmark moment in American history. Laura Gleen '09, Jen Philbrick '09, LaRue Robinson '09 and Alicia Washington '09 are at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, and will be there tonight when Senator Barack Obama is scheduled to accept the nomination for president.
  Columbia's Newest Law Students Get Oriented   
Columbia Law School's newest students began their formal orientation this week, the beginning of a month-long series of events that include movie nights, museum trips and volunteer work in local parks. The activities are designed to introduce new law students to Columbia Law School, the legal profession, Morningside Heights and New York City.
  Future Lawyers Start by Giving Back   
Columbia Law School’s newest students began their law school careers last week with a day of volunteer work in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. More than 125 incoming 1Ls participated in the School’s first-ever orientation Community Service Day, held Friday, August 8.
  Waxman Named Adjunct Sr. Fellow at Council on Foreign Relations   
Columbia Law School Professor Matthew C. Waxman has been named Adjunct Senior Fellow for Law and Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. The appointment of Waxman, an expert in national security law and domestic and international legal aspects of counterterrorism, underscores Columbia's longtime leadership in international and foreign relations law.