Types of Testamentary Gifts

Types of Testamentary Gifts

A bequest allows you to memorialize a loved one, provide financial support for qualified students or underwrite research, while at the same time be associated forever with the Law School for the support of future generations. 

We can provide sample language that can be tailored to your interests. Be sure to consult your attorney for assistance in making a bequest.

Cash Bequest

You can simply leave a specific amount to Columbia Law School, ensuring that the impact of your generosity will be felt on campus for generations to come.

Bequest of Assets

You can leave specific assets such as securities, your home, or other property to Columbia Law School.

Residual Bequest

You can designate that Columbia will receive all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after your other beneficiaries are provided for. Columbia shares in increases or decreases in the value of your estate, which eliminates the concern that a specific bequest will reduce inheritance for family and friends.

Designation of Retirement Fund Assets

By designating retirement fund assets to Columbia, you can eliminate both the income tax and estate tax (possibly up to 70 percent) that would have to be paid if you left this to individuals.