Student Needs

Experience the satisfaction of providing support directly for student needs. Enjoy the benefit of a named fund either for a set term or through a permanent endowment as a lasting sign of your commitment to Columbia. For details on items listed below, please contact the Development Office at (212) 854-2680.


Financial aid is the fastest growing line in the Law Schools operating budget. Nearly half of our students receive lLaw School grants and scholarships.

$15,000 provides funding for the average amount of one scholarship.
$75,000 underwrites a named scholarship for a five-year term.
$150,000 permanently endows a named scholarship.

Each winter, benefactors and recipients are introduced to each other at our Scholarship Dinner.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

To support public-minded graduates in their public interest career choices, the school offers a Loan Repayment Assistance Program that extends interest-free loans to repay law school debt. Loans are gradually forgiven while recipients remain in qualifying employment. We also offer fellowships for graduates working in eligible government, not for profit, and public interest legal positions. These fellowships support new graduates for a year or more as they begin their careers. 

$250,000 permanently endows a named fellowship.