Faculty - Recruitment and Research

A named research fund or professorship is a lasting gift that can permanently link your name with Columbia Law School.  For more details, you may contact the Development Office at (212) 854-2680.


Named Professorship

A named professorship is the highest mark of distinction a university can bestow on a faculty member. Commitments at the following levels provide resources to sustain a great faculty.


$3,500,000 endows a tenured faculty position in a specific area of law.
$3,000,000 endows a Professor of Law, to be awarded to a faculty member in any area of law.


Faculty Research Fund

Scholarly research is as integral a part of a faculty member's life as classroom teaching. A named research endowment underwrites research by a particular professor and could also support a student research assistant working closely with that faculty member. Donors meet the professor whose work is being funded and hear first hand about their research. A donor's support would also be acknowledged by name in any resulting publication.


$250,000 provides permanent funding for a named faculty research fund.