Go Beyond: Charts Comparing Funds Raised by Super PACs

Spring 2012

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The Wall Street Journal

See an on-going tally of the money raised by various super PACs, as well as how much each organization has spent and how spending varies week to week. In addition to the presidential race, this page also lists top spending super PACs for House and Senate campaigns.


The New York Times

Take a look at a chart of leading independent fundraising groups associated with the presidential race. Many of the organizations are super PACs associated with a particular candidate. This site also lists the activity on which each group has spent the most money, i.e. supporting or attacking a particular candidate.


Pro Publica

Browse a state-by-state listing of spending by super PACs. The site includes a detailed chart of how leading super PAC supporters have divided their contributions. There is also an informational graphic that shows the leading donors to a few of the largest super PACs.


The Los Angeles Times

This interactive graphic shows how much super PAC money has been spent to support and attack each candidate. For instance, super PACs supporting Mitt Romney spent more than $20 million opposing Rick Santorum.


Mother Jones

View a list of leading supporters of President Obama’s super PAC, Priorities USA Action. Director Steven Spielberg has donated $100,000 to the super PAC, for example. The site also includes various other presidential campaign financing factoids and graphs.