Web Exclusive: Read Professor Pistor's full articles on the global financial system

Summer 2009

For the full story: Global Positioning

Read Professor Katharina Pistor's February 24 paper as a PDF:
Governing Finance
"A major task for the new governance of finance is to break this cycle."

See her additional articles for VoxEU:
Multiple Tiers of Financial Governance Networks, March 3
"The new governance regime for the global financial market place I propose comprises of multiple, decentralized, yet inter-linked, governance networks with membership based on risk rather than region."

Reforming the Financial System: Beyond Standardization on "Best Practice" Models, February 2
"Regulation designed to prevent future crises will by definition conflict with the incentives of self-interested market participants. Insisting that this is market ‘distorting’ misses the very purpose of regulation."