A Modern Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, Transcripts and Cases

By Richard O. Lempert, Samuel R. Gross, James S. Liebman, John H. Blume, Stephan Landsman, Fredric I. Lederer

{West: 2011}

Fall 2011

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In this updated edition of the groundbreaking textbook A Modern Approach to Evidence: Text, Problems, Transcripts and Cases, Professor James S. Liebman and his fellow co-authors explore significant recent cases and address scientific and technological developments that have impacted the rules of evidence.

The first edition of this textbook, widely seen as a pioneering pedagogical tool for evidence law instructors, was published just two years after the Federal Rules of Evidence were enacted in 1975. Subsequent editions have undergone revisions in accordance with modifications to the Federal Rules following codification, and this latest publication is no exception. The authors have significantly rewritten the chapter on confrontation and compulsory process, for example, as well as sections on burdens of proof and presumptions in criminal cases. The material is buttressed by numerous cases and problems of varying complexity for instructors to use in the classroom.

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