Trademark and Unfair Competition Law

By Jane C. Ginsburg, Jessica Litman, and Mary L. Kevlin

{2011 Cumulative Supplement to 4th edition: 2007}

Fall 2011

Released this past August, the cumulative supplement to Trademark and Unfair Competition Law adds important updates to this casebook, which analyzes the basic principles of law and procedure in the fields of trademark and unfair competition. Among other updates included in the supplement, Professor Jane C. Ginsburg and co-authors Jessica Litman and Mary L. Kevlin have added material on key Supreme Court rulings, examine the Madrid Protocol on international filing for trademark registration, and provide in-depth treatment of trademarks and the Internet.

This supplement buttresses the fourth edition of the casebook, which the authors updated by exploring the enormous influence of the Internet on trademark law. To address the impact of globalization on trademarks, the authors also infused transnational issues into several different chapters throughout the book rather than addressing them in a single chapter.