Charles N. Eggert ’74

September 15, 2010

Fall 2011

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Charles N. Eggert ’74 was a small-town solo practitioner who embarked on his legal career after working as a United Airlines pilot for more than three decades. He passed away on September 15, 2010, at the age of 89.

Born in St. Joseph, Mo., Eggert distinguished himself as a devoted scholar and athlete throughout his early education, lettering in football, basketball, track, and debate. He attended college briefly, but when World War II began, Eggert joined the U.S. Army Air Corps as a civilian instructor pilot. In 1944, he joined United Airlines as a full-time pilot—a position he held for the next 36 years.

Despite his solid career in the airline industry, Eggert always intended to complete his education. So, in 1968, at the age of 47, he enrolled at Columbia College, and three years later, he began his studies at Columbia Law School. As he worked toward both degrees, Eggert spent his weekdays studying and attending class and his weekends flying from New York to Hawaii and back again. In 1974, just a month shy of his 53rd birthday, Eggert received his juris doctor.

After retiring from United Airlines in 1981, Eggert became a solo practitioner in Francestown, N.H., where his work centered on family law, real estate, contracts, employment discrimination, and bankruptcy matters. He left his practice in 2002 and returned to his home state of Montana.

Eggert is survived by four children, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

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