Nyaguthii Chege ’99

International Impact

Fall 2013

One look at the faculty listing for Peking University’s School of Transnational Law (STL) is enough to show that Columbia Law School has planted strong roots in Shenzhen, a city northwest of Hong Kong. In just a few short years, five Columbia Law School graduates have joined STL’s faculty of 24 full-time professors and lecturers, and Nyaguthii Chege ’99 signed on as the school’s first director of career services in the summer of 2012.

STL was founded five years ago, and, since then, several Law School graduates have served as C.V. Starr Lecturers in its Transnational Legal Practice Program. The program helps non-native English speakers master legal research.

The transition from the Morningside Heights campus to Shenzhen came quickly for Travis Annatoyn ’10, who taught as a Starr lecturer months after graduating from the Law School. During his year at STL, Annatoyn spoke with Andrew Jensen Kerr ’11 about the merits of the job. Kerr now serves as a Starr senior lecturer in STL’s Transnational Legal Practice Program, and he helped persuade Juan Gonzalez ’07 to join the same program.

Sang Yop Kang ’07 LL.M., ’11 J.S.D. teaches corporate law, securities law, and corporate governance at STL, which was the first law school in China to offer a joint English Juris Doctor degree and Chinese Juris Master degree.

In addition, Mark Feldman ’99 teaches contracts, treaty arbitration, and international business transaction law. Feldman served as chief of NAFTA/CAFTA-DR arbitration in the U.S. State Department’s Office of the Legal Adviser before moving to Shenzhen with Chege, his wife.

“I imagine that working at STL is similar to being in a start-up organization,” says Chege. “This is such a new endeavor, so we all feel that we’re on an adventure together.”