John Saroff ’04

Cutting Edge

Winter 2012

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Nearly every working day, John Saroff ’04 finds himself in a large, white-walled Manhattan studio bustling with photographers busily snapping pictures of models dressed in the latest fashions. He’s the first to admit that the scene is not what most people expect when asked to imagine a traditional legal setting. But then again, Saroff, who serves as vice president of digital factory and sales production for the luxury goods website vente-privee, is not the most traditional attorney.

Saroff joined vente-privee at the end of 2011, a few months after the stateside branch of the popular French company partnered with American Express. He supervises vente-privee’s editorial vision and provides insight into any intellectual property and trademark law issues that arise. During the weekly photo sessions he oversees, Saroff says the company will photograph nearly 850 products. So there is never a shortage of demand for his expertise.

While he notes that a job in the luxury retail industry is not something that he would have predicted while in law school, Saroff says he knew early on that his legal career would include a creative focus. In 2004, after serving as an intern at New Line Cinema, he partnered with his Law School roommate Michael Bogner ’05 to pitch a film treatment chronicling the civil rights achievements of Professor Jack Greenberg ’48. Universal Pictures ultimately acquired rights to the project, which is still in development.

Soon after graduation, Saroff began honing his digital media skills at NBCUniversal, where he worked on the company’s transition team. He then went on to help start Google TV Ads, which works with television networks to sell excess advertising time.

“If there has been a common thread to my career, it’s that I’ve always wanted to be on the cutting edge of media,” says Saroff. “I’m living proof that there are options out there beyond the more traditional legal jobs.”

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John Saroff