New Center to Highlight Public Law

The Center for Constitutional Governance will foster an interactive network of public law alumni and professionals

Winter 2012

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Columbia Law School’s Center for Constitutional Governance debuted this past summer under the leadership of Gillian E. Metzger ’95 and Trevor W. Morrison ’98. The new center will strengthen the Law School’s existing presence in the public law community by sponsoring cutting-edge workshops and conferences on constitutional law issues, while also serving as an interactive forum for graduates who have dedicated their careers to public law and government service.

The center will attract constitutional scholars and visiting professors to Columbia Law School, as well as increase the Law School’s influence in the fields of comparative public law, public international law, and transnational law.

As co-directors, Metzger, the Stanley H. Fuld Professor of Law, and Morrison, the Liviu Librescu Professor of Law, will focus their energies on issues related to government structure, governmental relationships, federalism, and separation of powers. Both professors are recognized as leading scholars in the field of public law.

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