Joseph I. Kesselman ’50

July 12, 2011

Spring 2012

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Joseph I. Kesselman ’50 was a successful executive and board member at numerous major corporations, including Pan Am and Kentucky Fried Chicken. He passed away on July 12, 2011, at the age of 86.

A Brooklyn native, Kesselman attended Townsend Harris High School in Queens and served during World War II as a military air navigator in the Pacific theater. In 1947, he earned his bachelor’s degree at Columbia College, and after graduating from Columbia Law School, he went on to a long career as a consultant, executive, and board member at several large companies.

Kesselman served as a senior executive in a range of industries, including commercial air travel, software, and fast food. The companies he helped lead included Federal Pacific Electric Company, Greentree Software, and Kinney Service Corp., a predecessor to Time Warner. Kesselman also served on the boards of several Fortune 500 companies and as a consultant to U.S. and European companies.

Kesselman was an enthusiastic art collector who also appreciated compelling antiques. He is survived by his wife, Estelle; his daughters, Jane, Amy, and Nancy; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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