Law School Receives Grant to Study Globalization

Summer 2011

Citigroup and the Citi Foundation recently awarded a grant to Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School to fund the study of globalization. 

Citigroup’s Financial Insights Project will provide as much as $25 million over the next five years to a number of leading universities, including Columbia. The goal of the initiative is to encourage innovative research examining the changing international economic landscape.

With funding from the grant, Law School Professors Ronald J. Gilson and Charles F. Sabel will team with Business School Professor Patrick Bolton to study the relationship between global and local product innovation, as well as risk management and regulation post–financial crisis. The team will also focus on global governance with regards to China and India.

“We are witnessing the still early stages in the creation of new structures for governing global finance and economic markets,” said Columbia University President and Law School Professor Lee C. Bollinger about the project. “The resources being made available will support research and scholarship for better understanding the enormous changes brought on by globalization, including ways to help mitigate future financial crises.”

Gilson, Sabel, and Bolton seek to promote both theoretical and practical understanding of globalization and its increasingly important role in the world. Thanks to the grant, the group’s work will add to the Law School’s prominent role as a leader in scholarship centered at the intersection of business, finance, and law.