Alan Vickery ’83

Competitive Edge

By Joy Y. Wang

Summer 2011

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When asked to describe his courtroom demeanor, litigator Alan Vickery ’83 admits in thoughtful, measured tones that he is understated. Vickery explains that he focuses on building credibility with a judge and jury through earnestness and clarity. He pauses a beat. “I am extremely competitive, though,” he adds with a grin. “Like any litigator, I love to win and hate to lose.”

Vickery honed his litigation skills during seven years at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York before joining Boies, Schiller & Flexner in 1999. As one of the firm’s original partners, he describes himself as “lawyer number 16” in a private practice that now includes more than 250 attorneys in 11 offices around
the country.

Vickery’s work at Boies in New York City has spanned a wide range of legal fields, including antitrust, financial products, white-collar defense, and defamation litigation. He currently represents current and former employees of the Galleon Group, a hedge fund under investigation for alleged insider trading.

Vickery has also experienced some moments that would not be considered typical law firm fare: He once attended a meeting in Yankee stadium while a game progressed on the field far below. In another memorable incident, a client zoomed him along the Daytona International Speedway at 150 miles per hour.

Through it all, Vickery still thoroughly enjoys the time he logs in front of a judge. “Court is a place where common sense and sanity prevail,” Vickery says. “When you walk into court and sit at the counsel table, suddenly it seems as though all the nonsense falls away.”

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Photographed by Daniel Root