The Law of the World Trade Organization (WTO): Documents, Cases & Analysis

By Petros C. Mavroidis, George A. Bermann, and Mark Wu

{West: 2010}

Fall 2010

In their new casebook, Columbia Law School Professors Petros C. Mavroidis and George A. Bermann, along with co-author Mark Wu of Harvard Law School, provide a comprehensive analysis of the World Trade Organization’s legal regime.

The casebook, which was five years in the making, examines not only the intricacies of the WTO, but also the reasons it has become a vital organization in the area of international trade. Throughout the publication’s uniformly structured chapters, the authors examine the economic rationales behind the creation of various WTO institutions and laws, as well as how these new entities and regulations have been received by essential WTO jurisdictions. The book also outlines the organization’s unique dispute settlement system and explores issues related to the protection of intellectual property rights.