Graduates Return to Law School for Reunion Weekend

Fall 2010

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On a warm, sunny weekend in early June, nearly 1,000 Columbia Law School alumni returned to Morningside Heights for Reunion 2010.

The jovial gathering featured an array of events, including festive receptions, elegant luncheons, and panel discussions focused on controversial legal topics. Most importantly, the weekend allowed time for reflection and reminiscence as the Law School honored those who graduated in 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005.

Professor Michael I. Sovern ’55, President Emeritus of Columbia University, kicked off the celebration with an address for the Class of 1960. Sovern welcomed the Reunion weekend’s honored guests to the distinguished group of Law School alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago, one affectionately known as the Stone-Agers. “You are the junior Stone-Agers,” Sovern announced. “And I invite you to do what I do, which is convert my age to Celsius.”

Following a panel discussion on current topics in gender and sexuality law, as well as a panel on environmental law, graduates gathered on the 18th floor of the Waldorf=Astoria for a reception welcoming all Reunion classes. “It’s always lovely to see people you haven’t seen in a couple of years,” said Michael Bogner ’05, who was able to reconnect with a former professor of his, Lecturer-in-Law John
Sare ’90
. “I kept calling him ‘professor,’ and he kept saying, ‘Please, call me John.’”

On Saturday, graduates took part in campus tours, a family picnic, and two more panel discussions, during which alumni and professors debated the health care reform law and plans for financial reform in the wake of the recent banking crisis. The weekend drew to a close when graduates from all classes took to the floor of Lerner Hall to enjoy dessert and dancing in celebration of their return to the
Law School.

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Alumni gather for a Reunion 2010 event at Casa Italiana