Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2008-2009

Edited by Karl P. Sauvant

Winter 2010

With the dramatic rise in international investment, the rules that govern foreign direct investment (FDI), as well as the policies related to dispute resolution, have become increasingly vital to maintaining global stability. In his new book, Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2008-2009, Columbia Law School Lecturer-in-law Karl P. Sauvant explores the network of multifaceted, multilayered international treaties that, in one way or another, involve virtually every country around the world. The publication features timely and engaging contributions from well-regarded international investment experts. “This annual Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy provides a platform for leading thinkers and practitioners to share their views on international investment law and to contribute to its evolution,” writes David M. Schizer, Dean and the Lucy G. Moses Professor Law, in the book’s preface.

In the book’s introduction, Sauvant writes that FDI flows reached an all-time record of $2 trillion in 2007. Although the economic downturn has driven those investments down, FDI still maintains a powerful presence in the global economy. In 2007, the global sales of multinational enterprises’ foreign affiliates reached $31 trillion—roughly twice the amount of world exports. “This makes FDI considerably more important than trade in terms of the delivery of goods and services to foreign markets,” Sauvant writes. “And it underlines the importance of dealing with issues relating to the international investment law and policy regime.”