Tutu Alicante ’05

In Pursuit of Justice

Winter 2009

At the end of last summer, Tutu Alicante ’05 LL.M. stood in a hospital and gazed at his newborn baby girl, thinking of all the opportunities the child would have because she was born in the United States. She could elect government representatives, access quality health care, and get a first-rate education—things that many people in Alicante’s native Equatorial Guinea can only dream about. Through his organization, EG Justice, Alicante works tirelessly to bring those opportunities to the people in his home country. But that moment in the hospital made him want to work even harder.

“I’m hopeful,” Alicante says. “I want people to think beyond the history that has defined us.”

Alicante launched EG Justice in 2007 through a fellowship from Echoing Green, which invests in and supports emerging social entrepreneurs. EG Justice is the first human rights advocacy initiative devoted to Equatorial Guinea, which has suffered under two dictatorships since the West African country gained its independence from Spain in 1968. The organization works with citizens to end government impunity and advocate for lasting democratic reform. It collaborates with international organizations to bring critical human rights issues to the attention of global policymakers and undertakes grassroots campaigns to reform institutions inside the country. “We have to mobilize Equatorial Guineans outside and inside the country,” Alicante says. “We cannot let a government have absolute power over absolutely everybody.”