Cristian Conejero Roos ’03

Going Global

Winter 2009

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As a junior associate at the Chilean firm of Claro y Cía., Cristian Conejero Roos ’03 LL.M. was appointed to serve as local counsel in a shareholder dispute between the owner of a Chilean brewery and one of its German partners—a case with daunting financial implications.

“That was really my first contact with a true international arbitration case,” Conejero Roos recalls. “But I felt that it was the perfect [opportunity] because I was able to use my litigation skills and at the same time get to know the world of international transactions.”

Conejero Roos decided to further his study of international arbitration by pursuing his LL.M. at Columbia Law School. After graduating, he spent a year as a foreign
associate in the New York office of Shearman & Sterling and then joined the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Court of Arbitration in Paris as counsel for Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. Over the next four years, as Conejero Roos built up his French language skills, he handled roughly 800 cases.

Conejero Roos left the ICC more than a year ago to become of counsel in the Madrid office of Cuatrecasas. “It was clear that I wanted to be at the ICC a certain number of years to learn the skills,” he says. “At some point, it was a natural move to go back to private practice.” In his new endeavor, Conejero Roos splits his time between Madrid and Paris and is exploring other fields of practice, like investment arbitration.

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